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Celebrated a friend's birthday at "Lemograss". The dinner was fun apart from a grumpy waitress who seem overwhelmed by serving more than 15 people. On the other hand, with the passing of Michael Jackson, his videos has been on constant play on MTV and VHI. I can't believe that there were some videos that I haven't seen or seen enough. Today I have been listening to "PYT" by Michael Jackson.
Anyways, hope the weekend went well for everyone.

outfit: H&M skirt & blazer, Aldo shoes, F21 tank,

Michael Jackson: Rest In Peace

Truely the "KING OF POP"

What a SAD day, from Farrah passing to Michael Jackson. The death of Michael feels so personal. I grew up listening to his songs, doing his moon walks with friends and family. I am really out of words. I pray that God will give his family especially those little kids the srtength to be strong. He will surely be missed.
RIP Michael 1958-2009

Quick Step

I decide to step out today after a long day at work. I just ran some errands with a friends. The week is always so slow for me--mainly work, sleep, and eat. Now going to take a quick nap before work, maybe sneak in last night's episode of "Runs house".
Hope the week is going well for you guys!!!
Later buddies

Tolula Adeyemi

Last Chance Harvey - UK Film Premiere Inside Arrivals

Spotted in Topshop at 17 and currently signed to "Profile Model Management". Adeyemi has worked as a model with photographer Ian Rankin, appeared topless for Westwood and is the new face of fashion line Hari. As an actress, she has worked with Brighton theatre group Dream Think Speak and had a small part in a Dustin Hoffman film, Last Chance Harvey. Her editorial’s include Vanity Fair, Dazed and Confused, British Vogue, Hello, French Playboy, I.D magazine and many others.
With successful careers already as DJ, model, Vivienne Westwood’s Muse, and a style to be recorned with, you just got to love her.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

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Cruise Control

After a long week of work + school, I had a lovely weekend. Since I was working on fiance's birthday, I had to organize a boat cruise with some friends. Yesterday was a LOVELY DAY--

Boat Cruise + Taking of Pelham123 + Pizza + Great friends= Great Day!!! :D

Sunday started off with a boat cruise, later on we all decided to see the movie "Taking of Pelham123"--IT IS A MUST SEE MOVIE--then we went to a friend's house, ordered pizza, and watching the Lakers win. GO LAKERS won--CONGRATS to them!!!!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! I also hope the week is going well for everyone! I am back to my crazy schedule--till then, take care lovelies ;)


Cropped Tops

I love cropped tops. I was digging through some of my abandoned clothes and I found this cropped top that I bought when I was 16 in Minnesota. Now I am looking and stocking up on more cropped tops. I remember how my friends and I were obsessed with crop tops in Nigeria. We wore them a lot to anamco club, uzomiri, and other school parties. Does anyone who live/lived in Enugu remember these "bash" lmao.
Ok, back to crop tops:


america apparel


urban outfitters





What do you guys think of cropped tops?? LOVE IT OR HATE IT?

As the weekend comes...

I was TAGGED by Dith to write 20 Favorite things--I am going to write my favorite things at the moment.

1. SHOES SHOES SHOES: It will always be my favorite thing :)

2. Rosary Necklaces: I am so addicted to them...

3. Men's watch: not a big fan of watch, but I love BIG face silver/Gold men's watch

4. Racer-back tanks

5. Neon Pink and green nail polish and tanks

6. Traveling: I love flying than driving!!!

7. Anything with Buckles, Zips, and Studs

8. MUSIC MUSIC: I have to sleep with my Ipod

9. Ice cream with banana and strawberries

10. Cinnamon Toast Cereal: love it with my peak milk :)

Anyways, I am so tired and my head hurts; so, I am going to bed. I will finish up the next 10 favourite things on another post.

Before I sign off, If you love Uggs boots, check out Whooga Ugg Boots--$30 off if you enter the word JADOREFASH
Happy shopping :)

later guys, Have a lovely weekend!

Celebrity Style

Lady GaGa, love her--loving a new single paparazzi !!!

she has great pregger's style!!

Rihanna, LOVE her boots--they look like frye engineer boots??? Does anyone know who made it???

Agyness Deyn

Leighton Meester--love her dress!

Sarah Harding of Girl Aloud

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Designer Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof

source: zimbio,fabsugar.com, celebrity-gossip.net