Like I Promised

This is the outfit post I promised before I became sick last weekend. This was what I wore to hang out with my girlfriends to a friend's birthday/fun night. Remember the night I ate my all time favorite pasta, this was the night.

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I still have the annoying cough, but it's quite tolerable now and I feel a lot better. I haven't done much this week or worn anything nice, but sweats and work scrubs. So, I am looking forward to this weekend because I get to have some fun at a surprise birthday party.

Ultimately, I am looking forward to going outside because I feel like I haven't seen sunlight in so long. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a warmer weekend and less rain.

see you later
Have a lovely weekend :)

wearing: F21 skirt/plaid shirt, Aldo boots, Express tights, jewelries: macys/F21

Wish I Could Wear You

What I Wish to Wear

Checking in from my bed ;)
Eventhough, I am still stuck in sweats, I was dreaming/thinking of what to wear and where to go; so I created the outfit above.
Thanks for all the wishes! I have never had this intense flu ever, but I am feeling better everyday. Hoping for a better week.

Hope your weekend went well! Kisses for great week!

Tears For Fashion

Do you love fashion so much that it brings tears to your eyes?

I though I was done with this season's flu, but I guess not because I just came down with a bad cough 2 days ago and I just lost my voice this morning. :( I am currently in sweat pants, with blanket, and a pack of halls. I have to go now because am practically half awake due to the effect of the cough syrup.
Catch you later!


Have a wonderful, NO COUGH weekend!!! :)

My Sampling!

My weekend consisted of a little bit of bowling and a little bit of my favorite dish: blackened chicken pasta. On Saturday night, I went out with my friends for bowling and Dave & busters' fun. I could not take any picture because my camera battery died the moment I tried to take my first picture of the night, which sucked :-p; so, I will be waiting until my friend emails me my pictures from her camera which might be FOREVER. The current picture is from yesterday after church. All I did yesterday was make Okra soup with fufu (seriously, I don't know why I call it that because it's really pounded yam!) and ate until I couldn't think anymore hahaha!
Catch you later--back to work ;)

How was you weekend???


outfit: white shirt for Victorias secret, F21 Hareem, Colin Stuart boots, vintage bag

Spotted: Pink and Black

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Amber Rose (Kanye's girlfriend!)

Leigh Lezark

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Happy a lovely weekend

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Blonde Moment!!!

The weather was so nice this weekend. We went from a snow storm barely two weeks ago to a spring-summer temperature. The temperature was up to 70 degrees [how I love warm weathers]. I hope this week stays warm. :)

I had a "Blonde moment" as my friend called it. This is my story: lol.
Bear in mind that I am not yet use to my new high tech car because I am so use to driving cars that you actually start/turn off with a key and not a button LOL. Since I don't actually need the keys to start/turn off my car, I forgot to turn it off after I have parked the car. First, I parked the car, turned off the radio, closed the door, and walked away. As I was about to leave, my friend was like, "does your car turn off on its own?" She was confused to why I was walking away from the car without turning it off. LMAO!! I just had this confused stir, until I leaned close to the car and I realised that it was still running. Gosh! did I feel dumb--that's why I love simple things--cars with keys lol!!

Anyways, that was how my weekend went. Thank you all for your warm well wishes; I am feeling much better. I really had a restful weekend.

What did you guys do over the weekend?

outfit: bakers shoes, asos hareem, express blazer, F21 tank, H&M scarf

Me, Days Ago

Not quite ready!

Ok, am ready now :)

emm...yeah, heels make my day!

kisses ;-)

Hey guys, hope your week is going well! I am not totally myself yet. I am feeling better day to day, but not as quick as I want to. Gosh! I hate being sick because I feel so lazy & tired. Anyhow, enough of my sick self, anyone else excited that it is Friday tomorrow? I am; I wish the weekends are much longer than 3 days! ;-)

Outfit: F21 Skirt, Aldo Bag & Shoe, H&M Cardigan

Never Forgotten

It's exactly a year today since you passed. To be exact, you left for the clouds Feb. 29Th 2008; but since this year is not a leap year, so there is no 29Th in the month of February; but every second, every minute, every milestone I go through, I always remember you. You mean SO much to me and you can NEVER be forgotten.
Love you "mama". I bet you are at a better place enjoying those fried yams that we always ate so early in the morning each time I was around. I love you "she who must be obeyed" ;-)

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