I took these pictures at Niagara fall over the Easter weekend. I wore heels at first, but I later changed into my brogues to walk down the trail.   

Morange by jadore-fashion
I am in love the these shoes--so comfortable! I wish they have it in green or blue.Morange by www.jadore-fashion
Did anyone watch the royal wedding? What are your thoughts?
Hope you all have a nice weekend!

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Outfit: American apparel skirt, topshop shoes, Brogues: Sam edelman, bags: H&M and Aldo, jewelries: forever21 

Sneak Peek

Morange by
This is just a sneak peak of tomorrow's post.
After 4hrs of sleep and final exam for my Finance class, my eyes can barely stay awake. 
I will give you the full dose of the post tomorrow. 
It is full of color and you will not want to miss it ;-)
Good night
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Connect the dots

Polka dots by

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. I am physically back from my brief visit to Toronto, but not so much mentally--LOL!
I had a nice time spending time with family and celebrating Maya's first birthday.
On another note, the weather seems to be finally coming around. I wonder if today's weather signals the official beginning of warm weather. Sometimes, I wonder how I was able to tolerate/survive leaving in Minnesota...hmmm!
polka dot by
 Have a lovely rest of the week!

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Outfit: Shoes: Sam edelman Lorrisa, H&M shorts and shirt, bag: friend's

Strolling through the woods
I have had these pants for almost 3+ years and I just rediscovered it somewhere in my closet. I love wide leg pants and bell bottoms.
I need to find or make a neon pink & green bell bottoms. Random styling thought: I feel like wearing an apple green or mustard yellow bell bottoms/wide leg pants paired with crop top made out of "Ankara" (African fabric)...hmmmm!
Hope everyone's weekend started off great.
I am in Toronto at the moment. I got here this evening to spend Easter with the family and also for Maya's (hubby's niece) first birthday.
I am not feeling too good, so I am off bed to get some rest. Hopefully, I will feel a lot better to be able to  enjoy the brief visit here.

Happy Easter!
Live, Love, Laugh

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Outfit: Victoria's secret pants, H&M blazer, Hat from macys, Aldo pumps/bag 

Coachella Fashion 2011

Coachella is not just a 3 days music festival, it is also where the fashionistas come out to play. I am always inspired by the style at Coachella and this year is no exception. With that said, I am going to leave you all with some inspiring style. Hope this makes you day...:)

Coachella 2011 by

Coachella 2011 by

Coachella 2011 by
Outfit post will up for the weekend!
Have a lovely day! 

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White out
Yeah! To a warm and beautiful day, but unfortunately, I just couldn't enjoy it that much because I have a paper to write. After a quick picture and a trip to get Mango/peach smoothie, I am sitting on my couch trying to finish this paper. 

I am really looking forward to more warm days without school work---Amen!
Thanks a lot to everyone that left a comment on the previous post. I was so overwhelmed by the sweet comments. It's a pleasure reading all the comments. 
Also thanks to all my new followers on here, Facebook, and Twitter
Love you all!

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Outfit: H&M skirt, jeans jacket, hat, Forever21 top & jewelries, Aldo flats & bag

A Riot Of Color

I totally forgot I had this jacket. It is one of my best thrifted item
Thank God it is Friday. I am looking forward to more than 4 hours of sleep.  
This month is just going by so fast--it's unbelievable.  Today is exactly a month from my birthday--Yay! 

Cheers to the weekend...I'll drink to that ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Outfit: Zara pants, Thrift jacket, Forever21 top, River Island shoes (also worn here), Aldo bag, Rings: Aldo, random store in Miami, forever 21. Lipstick: mixture of MAC-Play time & Make Up Forever #15

Photograph by: Paosin

Within my reality
This week has been a busy week with school. Its like one case, paper, or assignments after another. I am really looking forward to summer break and a vacation.
Since the weather was warm a few days ago, I handed my camera to my friend Chioma to be my photographer for the day since hubby was at work.  It was fun playing photo shoot with her.
On another note, since the constant change in weather, I like incorporating boots to my outfits and there are great variety of women's boots that add a touch of color to an outfit.  You should check them out at for some great boots.

Now, I have to go back to my reality called school work, but I am so sleepy :)
But first, Happy Birthday to my dear friend/lawyer in the making Kasie...!

Have a lovely week and Thanks to my new followers
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Outfit: H&M pants & shirt, Sam Edelman "Lorrisa"

Color Mixture

This spring, don't be afraid to step into color. There are lots of ways that you can mix colors into your daily outfits. A pop of color can brighten the day.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Source: lefashion, tfs,, streetfsn

Just one more shot for the day

The weather was above 70degrees yesterday. Everyone was going crazy including me. It has been awhile since I used sun and warm weather in a sentence.  Whenever the sun is out and the weather is warm, I feel like a hyper kid on the loose. I become so excited and ready to play :). 

Ok! I am supposed to be studying for my Finance exam, which is this Thursday...hmmm...back to my studying.

Enjoy your week!
I appreciate all your comments and thanks to all my followers.
Big hugs and kisses

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Outfit: H&M top & jeans, River Island shoes, Aldo bag, Michael Kors watch, Jewelries; H&M, Forever21

First Weekend Of April Backless
We are officially in April yet it feels nothing like spring.  Some days are warmer, now it's really cold.

Night out1 
I wore this outfit for a dinner date with my hubby.
The dress is made out of an African lace material. I wanted something simple and sexy without going overboard. Thanks to my tailor and I, my design was brought to life.

Night out
On another note, did you get an April Fool prank?

Have a wonderful week ahead!
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Outfit: Dress-Self designed; Jessica Simpson Waleo pumps, Aldo pumps