The New Black

Vogue Spain
Cato van Ee by Jams Macari

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Joy Ride Around Town

It feels like late spring/early summer with temperatures in the 70s.

Then, all of a sudden you wake up the next day to a windy and cold day--SO WEIRD!

On another note, tomorrow at work, we are having a "Costume Luncheon," but I don't even have a costume. My friend/co-worker Tracey and I suggested I should dress like a rock star based on what is in my closet.

Well, since I don't have any costume, I will be wearing a "work friendly", "stylish" "rocker"--what this means is that I will probably be wearing one of my favorite color black ;)

Most important, it is going to be a fun day with lots of food. PS: I love food ;-)

Outfit: F21 harem pants, H&M jacket, Aldo pumps/bag

Life is a beach...

After busy weeks of 12hrs work per day, school, and countless of assignments/cases, I needed a break; so, we decide to head to Miami.

I had a blast with my hubby and my friend Ivelisse and her friends. I was also beyond tanned--even my co-workers noticed! We spent most of our day at the beach, and constant visits to Newscafe for pasta and dancing away the hard work all night ;)

After a nice brunch at Nikki beach<--love it!

I couldn't stop browsing & twitting--follow me on Twitter here more pics of Miami coming ;)

I am supposed to wear a costume to work on Friday, but I have even bought one yet--any suggestion????

What are your costumes for Halloween???

A Traditional Side Of Me

I almost forgot that I promised to post the traditional part of my wedding until a reader reminded me.

For my readers who do not know much about Nigeria wedding. This is how I incorporated Nigerian wedding styles. After the usual church wedding with the wedding gown, suit, bridesmaids and all that, we changed to traditional attires.
making an entrance after changing into the traditional attire

For my wedding, I picked two different african fabrics that blended with my purple & green theme--all my bridal train wore the fabric with more purple details, while my other friends wore the green fabric. Of course, the parents had their own separate fabric that they chose.
These are some of my bridesmaids in their traditional fabric and styles

Here are some of my friends in their own fabric & styles

Here, my mom and dad are wearing the same material, but my mom's friends had their own chosen fabric (pink with some purple details)

Also, my husband's families are all wearing the same fabric in different styles.

Quick glance-->One fabric, different styles

After partying until almost 2am on 5in heels and barely 4hrs of sleep the night before, I was ready for my bed--I surely had a blast ;)

Happy weekend everyone!

photos by: Paosin and Smartfoto

A Night to celebrate!

Fun night is over, but am still talking about my weekend...
We went to Kobes' Restaurant to celebrate my friend Macenie's birthday.

It was a fun night-- laughter, daiquiris, and a funny chef

Chioma, bday girl "Cenie", and I

outfit:Aldo shoes & H&M dress

Style Daily

It has been a long week for me--lots of case studies, presentation, work, school and barely 5hrs of sleep. Now I can finally get a break. I am here in Miami for the holiday weekend YAY!!!!!.

All my Miami readers or anyone, what is the hot spot in South Beach? I think I will be going to Mango or LIV tonight. Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend. I will do a video blog this week, so don't miss it. If you want me to answer any questions, leave me a comment.


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