80+ degrees

I asked for a warm weather, but a HOT weather came along. For some reason, I am definitely not complaining; I will take a hot day over a cold day any day.
I guess that's the effect of growing up in a warm country hahaha! I really took advantage of the warm day--my outfit did the talking hehehe!
I want a Venetian mask. Does anyone know where I can get a good and affordable pairs????
Could you guys believe that today is the last day of April!!! My month [MAY] actually begins tomorrow. I was born in May, which means my BDay is fast approaching and I have been procrastinating on my plans for that day, so I doubt if I can pull through with what I want to do for my Bday. Well, I still have couple weeks to go.
**Thank God Tomorrow is Friday Yippeee!!!!

Thanks so so much for all you love and comments.

Could It Be A Thing About Red?

This is what I made for dinner, the steak is a bit burnt; but for a first time, I did a great job ;)

I seem to lean more and more to red things especially bags, lipsticks, and now this skirt. Gosh! I am loving this weather. I had an amazing warm weekend. The weather is getting to what I always wanted, which is WARM! :) Besides the warm weather, I thank God that my friend made it through her car accident. The front of her car was totally smashed and she sustained minor blushes. I was with her all through the evening; she is doing great. Feel better sweety.

Hope you guys had a lovely/warm weekend? Have a nice week ahead.
kisses from my sleepy bed!!!

Coachella Fashion

Pictures are from Coachella music festival 2009

source: Style, knighttcat.com, flickr, celebrity-gossip.net, Socailitelife

Tint of RED

Its been a busy, tiring, and fun weekend. I have every guest imaginable--from London, Nigeria, to Canada. My house have never experienced this amount of guest before, but I am really enjoying the company even though my Londoners are living tonight while I am at work. :( I am currently working, but I am so tired. The weather is not helping either; it is such a MOODY weather. This is the week were I practically count down to Thursday, even though the week just began. :P
Anyways, did anyone have any interesting weekend activity? I don't mind reading because am so bored. LOL!!!

Balmain & Wang Fever

I really really love balmain & Wang. They both have this rocker feel. If I can't afford it, I am allowed to dream about it. ;) I just imagine different things I could create with each pieces.
Lately, It seems like there have been a balmain & Wang virus spreading all over the celebrity world. More prominent than ever. Even Beyonce is rocking a balmain jacket. For some reason, it seem like the jacket is wearing her instead of she wearing the jacket. I like Rihanna's take with balmain--thanks to her stylish; Lindsay wears hers Wang jacket effortless. Well here to the balmain & Wang fever :D

wearing balmain jackets and top

Rihanna is also wearing balmain shoes, Christina Milian, Dasha, all wearing Wang jackets from spring 09.
source: redcarpet-fashionawards.com

Beyonce wearing balmain jacket
source: theybyf.com

Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne, Blake Lively

credit: redcarpet-fashionaward

Cassie is also wearing balmain shoes
credit: just-cassie.de

Victoria in balmain jacket and jeans--am in love with acid-wash jeans--thats for a different post to come!!
credit: fashionising

***Update: So caught up in these outfits, I forgot to add Alexander Wang to the mix, yeah the blue jacket is by Wang--thanks for calling it to my attension

It's all behind

Easter came and went, now am back to reality after a weekend of fun, BBQ, and friends. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I keep wondering, will it ever get to be warm in this state lol. Gosh, I am so tired of cold weather. As you can see from my post below, I really need to wear my cut off jeans. At least, Saturday was warm for me to wear the above outfit. ;) Till then, let me just fantasize about warm weather & beach. I so need a vacation--thinking of going to the Caribbean, but don't know which part yet. Any suggestion????

Inspiration: Cut Off Jeans

Erin Wasson

Zoe Kravitz

Kate Moss


Nicole Ritchie

Since it's not warm enough over here to wear shorts, I am just obsessed with stocking up on cut offs/ destructive shorts. I just love the way the shorts were worn in the above photos--love their styles!!!
Now, I've got to get back to work.

source: olsen-files, bossip, tfs,...

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great food, thanks to AJ!!

From a nice weather to a wonderful weekend, I can't ask for more. I spent Friday stocking up on groceries and doing a little house decoration. Saturday, I spent practically the whole day getting my hair done--I've learnt NEVER to get my hair done on Saturdays [such a busy day at Jessica's salon]. Later that night, I went to AJ's for a game night and to hang with her sister Yinka who is visiting from Manchester. It was so nice to see her again after almost a year and meeting Miriam [she's such a sweetheart].
Right now am just relaxing and dreading Monday. :( Oh well, Friday will come again. Am looking forward to family visiting from London for Easter.

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!!! Cheers to great week!!!

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1. I got a FREAKIN AWARD YIPPIE!!! Is that enough bragging :D THANKS for the award--I will like to thank my mom, my one and only...lmao just kidding!!! NEXT--->

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(i) I always shop for my shoes online because size 10 shoes are always gone from the stores. I wish I have size 6/7 feet because they always have them in stock during sales.

(ii) I am always dancing to no music while getting ready in the morning--crazy! I Know. lol

(iii) I have this love relationship with Lysol spray; I spray down almost everything & anything possible that people touch when they visit.

(iv) The longest road trip for me was driving from Minnesota to Indiana; gosh! did I hate it. I hate driving more than 3-4 hours in the name of road trip, but I don't mind long flights--I guess I love flying than driving :-/

(v)I have a thing for rosary necklaces; they have become my constant jewelry. **Does anybody know where I could get more online apart from Aldo males?"**

(vi)I am really a very shy person, but a lot hyper around people that I have known

(vii)I can't stand dirty bathrooms; I hardly visit people or spend a night at someones house whose bathroom is filthy.

(viii)I can easily make friends and I can easily let go of those who are around for the wrong reasons.

(ix)I once went to boarding school and I HATED it.

(x)I really want to get back to my short short hair and I have been thinking of getting a modernized mohawk lol!

PS: sorry for the long wait, being sick came with laziness. I will upload my overdue pictures next.