My day around town in floral

Hello guys, just dropping in after a plate of my favorite dish shrimp spaghetti and garlic bread. How is the week going so far? For me, it's been great and I am excited that Friday is around the corner-YIPPIE!
My next post is going to be about more items that I am so into, so keep checking back.

On the otherhand, can you believe the summer is almost over!!! I am already seeing "back to school" signs---NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :-P

OK, got to go, later lovelies ;)

Outfit: forever21 dress & bag, H&M vest, Express shoes, beret: ?forgot

Life in Toronto

No, I don't live in Toronto, but I had a blast with friends and families. I got to see my Bff for the first time since 2005--such a blast! So enjoy this pictures! :)
PhotobucketMy sis-in-law and I, she makes the best Kung Pao :)
PhotobucketToronto @ Night...very pretty
PhotobucketI was a cold and rainy day, but had fun anyways!
PhotobucketDowntown Niagara--beautiful
My oldest friend...known her since we were 13/14yrs old xoxo :)
So many pictures, so I had to pick from the bunch, enjoy your weekend...


Back from Canada. I haven't yet recovered from the trip and am missing everyone :(
I am back to the grind of work--busy, busy, busy. I am really looking forward to this weekend because I have been so busy this week that I lack the normal hours of sleep.
Anyways, I will be back with more pictures from Canada eventhough I didn't take a bunch--well, that depends on what a bunch means ;)

Outfit: H&M dress, Shoes-Nordstrom, Belt-Mom's, Rosary necklace-Aldo

I See in Dots, but Black and White


From Buffalo to Niagara...I spent all day at Niagara falls and at the casino. Despite the rain, Niagara falls looks so great both in day and at night.

Ok, I am kinda feeling so tired, but can't sleepy. I believe I ate a heavy dinner at that casino! :/ Oh well, the food was great. In these situations, some 'Kenny G' will be my sleeping pill tonight. ;)

Before I sign off, I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend? Hey, Did anyone see Rihanna's new cut? Any thoughts on that?

Later, xoxo

I am Obsessed...

Lace Tops...anything lace

Jeans vests & jackets:

Lace Leggings & print leggings:

Cropped Tops:

Dr. Martens:

BodyCon Skirts:

I am so obsessed with all these items/categories above. What is your current obsession???

Hope the week is going well. I am currently in Canada for a week enjoying families and friends--till then...xoxo

Source: Asos, Forever21, Facehunter, Shopnastgal,dmusastore, TFS, Topshop

A Day Before Sunday

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I am still trying to figure out how to make this collage bigger. Am quite new with picasa 3. Does any one know how I can make it bigger??? thanks! :)
I am off to a bbq. I was so hungry I couldn't wait for the bbq, so I had to come back home and have some cinnamon toast cereal with peak milk. At least am half full--no matter how long it takes them to set up & grill the foods, I will still have energy to wait :D
Till then, lovely reader... au revoir! adiĆ³s!!

I am falling in love with this group, 2NE1, song: I Don't Care

I only wish I can understand what they are singing, but the BEAT and FASHION is SICK!!



Outfit: Asos Harem pants, F21 tank, and Aldo

As am blogging, am watching Michael Jackson's funeral coverage. I still get this "not-so-true" feeling--I can't believe Michael is dead; but his music will sure live forever.
On another note, I went to Atlantic City for July 4th with friends. I really enjoyed Borgata. Despite the fact that I am not so intrigued by gambling, my first rolette game, I played my $1 chip and got $20--not bad for a first try :D Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July.

All the best with the rest of the week.

Never Get Enough

nil admirari fall09 (I need a boot like this in my closet asap ;) )
Alexander Wang
Winklepicker boots from Underground Cybershop

I really want these from "Office"--Do they have an online store????

Each shoe post represent me, my style, and my personality; I have a bit of a rock, glam, edgy, and some girl meets boy style!!!

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