StreetStyle: shoulders, ankle , thigh-high...

Everything I love: sturctured shoulders, ankle, thigh-high boots...Enjoy!!

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Yellow & Black

Of recent, I have been wearing a lot black and greys unconsciously that when a friend of mine saw me wearing this yellow plaid, he was quite shocked that I wore color. I guess I love my black and grey--can't go wrong on that!!!

I have been quite busy; I am currently putting together somethings for this new online magazine that I will be working with, which am excited about; but I can't get into details yet... Will keep you guys updated!!! Besides that, school midterms & co. is driving me NUTS.

Anyways, how is everyone's weekend going? I have finally picked up my dress that I had made with an African material for a friend's wedding "asoebi" this coming Saturday. I can't wait to wear it and post it. It's quite simple, but has this BIG sleeves...just love it!!!! :D

Happy Weekend all!!!

outfit: F21 shirt, black jeans???, Aldo shoes again :D, house is mine lol!!

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Coming in Novemeber. I want the shoes on the right side. Hopefully they will have it in stores around me. Got to go to class. Will post an outfit post later today.


A Bit Behind

Catching up on Teen Vogue (Jourdan and Chanel on the cover)

These pictures are from a wedding. Arrived at Pennyslvania a bit to early before the wedding--checked into the hotel and decided to snap away. It was a beautiful intimate wedding.
It has been raining so much here. I am beginning to think that I leave in Seattle or London :) Anyhow, how is the weekend going for everyone? I have so much to do today including an assignment which is due tonight before I head out for a friend's bridal. Right now, I am about to head out to get my nails done and then pick up some bridal gift.

Have a nice weekend lovelies!!!

outfit: H&M sweater & shirt, Victoria secret skirt, Aldo pumps

Around town...

My weeks have been busy with school and work; while my weekend goes by so quickly. It's been awhile; how is everyone doing? I have missed you guys A LOT!!! Gradually getting back to regular blogging and visiting all other lovely blogs. On another note, I can't believe christmas is almost here. I have started thinking about my list ;)

Are you guys ready for halloween? What are you dressing up as?

outfit: F21 lace leggings, plaid shirt, H&M Tank, Aldo boots

Teen Vogue: Jourdan & Chanel

Sorry for the lack of update. I have been so busy with school. I have some outfit post to upload, just haven't had the time to deal with my weird camera. I promise I will be back in full force soon.
Thank you guys for still stopping by and the sweet comments. Have a lovely week ahead!



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