The new braids

It's been two years since I braided my hair. I love to briad my hair, but I just can't seat down for too long to get it done. Again, it could get quite itchy. So far, am loving it.
I am currently baking banana nut muffin before it class time.
Yay! TGIF (Thank God It's Friday).
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

outfit: H&M dress as skirt, DKNY jeans jacket, F21 white tank & necklace, Jessica Simpson wedge.

i-D Magazine

(Chanel Iman, Sessille Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, Arlenis Sosa)
I saw this i-D Magazine cover via Chanel Iman's twitter. It's too cute. I just could wait to share it. Love the colors--the ladies look gorgeous!!!

nite, nite ;)

Celebrity Style

Olivia Thirlby & Zoe Kravitz

Genevieve Jones

Alexa Chung

Ashley Madekwe & Mischa Barton

Ashley Simpson

Nina Sky


Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am busy getting ready for the week and am currently making some spicy jollof rice...yummy!!! I only wish you guys can taste my awesome cooking... lol!
Let me watch my pot before my food burns ;)
Have a nice week ahead!!!

Where is she off to?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I can't believe is back to school already in couple weeks--a bit excited, I guess lol! This week seem like an exciting week. I am hoping to lay on the beach one more time before summer is over or rather, before school begins.
I have to get back to my duties...

Cycle in cycling shorts

Two things that I love: bicycle and cycling shorts. I remember learning how to ride two wheel bicycle with my cousin, he will always get mad because I was learning faster than him. In fact, I actually learnt to ride alone after 2 trials, which really made him cry :D
As I was remembering this 'bicycle story', i can't help sing this song:
"Anything you can do, I can do better.
I can do anything better than you--
No you can't-- yes I can..."
(it's from some sing along kids songs LOL)

Does anyone know that song?

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On an errand, but back home

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Just went out to get some plantains for lunch. I have been hungry for platains since last night, so am having fried plantains for lunch while I am watching "Alexa Chung" on MTV--love her oxford--she has a fabulous style.

Ok people, have a lovely rest of the week ;)

<---I really need these Acne shoes--anyone will to ship one of these to me, I will love you dearly :D


Image via fashiontoast

Outfit: H&M sequin vest, F21 shorts & tank, Aldo shoes & necklace

Dress me up in these...

Happy weekend everyone!!!


Taking a stroll

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hello blogsville, happy Monday!!! Just got home from going for a walk at this park close to my house. Right now am enjoying cooked corn made by the financee.
Hope the week started off great for you guys...till then, I have to get back to my yummy corn :D
Kinda miss "gossip girls" and "24" :(