Up with the thigh

Hello Followers/readers,

Thank you all so much for choosing my blog. I appreciate your visits and comments. Is there anything you guys will like to see more of? I am still getting use to my new Santa delivered mac. I really need an adobe photoshop--only wish it was free ;)

Back to my outfit post. I dugged up my long lost thigh high boots. I have had these boots since 2004/05--but neglected it for awhile :(
So, I paired my thigh high boot with nude harem. This nude harem screams spring to me, which I am so longing for...
I can't believe school begins on Monday--Gosh!, back to my crazy schedule. This time, I am taking even more classes than before--*deep breath*

So Random, I have had omelette and french toast on my mind for quite awhile. Only if my friend "Mikki" will fulfill her promise of making my "french toast", which is past OVERDUE--hissssssss! MIKKI, I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS! LOL

Happy Weekend everyone,
mwahhhhhhhhh :)

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