What more could it be...?

I promised these pictures awhile back...I have finally had a chance to get a copy of it thanks for photographer friend "Paosin". Took this pictures at a friend's legal age celebration boat cruise/dinner. It was fun day!

On the other hand, I had a wonderful, surprised bridal shower. I can't wait to post the pictures; so keep checking back before the end of the week. And it is couple days to the big day. A little bit nervous, but everything seem to be going great.

Anyway, hope everyone had a fab weekend. And Ooh! I got 'beat' by the rain, while my friend/coworker laughed ;(. Yeah, I forgot my umbrella in the car--lesson learned! As I am writing, it is still pouring outside, andIi dislike thunderstorm.

outfit: AE shirt & shorts, Aldo brogues, F21 crop/bag