After so long...

I feel like I have been gone forever--I needed time to recover from all the wedding plans. I hope to be back fully with blogging next week! I think i have had enough blogging withdrawals LOL!

Anyway, How is everyone doing? I have missed catching up with other blogs. I hope I didn't miss a lot ;) About the wedding, everything went perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better day--so much love & fun and there was hardly any dry eyes in the room including me :).

I don't have much pictures to show you guys, but I have copied some from friends who took pictures with their cameras.
Here are some pictures...

Some of the groomsmen

doing the macarena dance ;)

here come the emotional moment

and a little bit of me before the tears came rolling...

THANKS for all your sweet comments and wishes, sincerely appreciate it...LOVE U ALL