Glamorous black

                                                 Outfit: Aldo pumps & bag, dress by Aqua from asos

Am in love with this dress, so I decides to wear it to my friend's birthday party.
Hubby & I

Hanging out with my friends Nomy and Chi :)

Thanks to my good friend/photographer Paosin for hooking with up with these nice pictures--Mr. Paosin, I need more photoshots :)

 The ride to the event was funny, because I drove along with my friend Chioma and we got lost even with the help of GPS :D!!!

The GPS kept saying, "You've reach your destination;" but surely we were in the middle of no where!

Overall, the night was fun, The birthday boy was surely having fun! Also, catching up with my "omo Igbos" Nomso and Chioma LOL!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?