Blonde Moment!!!

The weather was so nice this weekend. We went from a snow storm barely two weeks ago to a spring-summer temperature. The temperature was up to 70 degrees [how I love warm weathers]. I hope this week stays warm. :)

I had a "Blonde moment" as my friend called it. This is my story: lol.
Bear in mind that I am not yet use to my new high tech car because I am so use to driving cars that you actually start/turn off with a key and not a button LOL. Since I don't actually need the keys to start/turn off my car, I forgot to turn it off after I have parked the car. First, I parked the car, turned off the radio, closed the door, and walked away. As I was about to leave, my friend was like, "does your car turn off on its own?" She was confused to why I was walking away from the car without turning it off. LMAO!! I just had this confused stir, until I leaned close to the car and I realised that it was still running. Gosh! did I feel dumb--that's why I love simple things--cars with keys lol!!

Anyways, that was how my weekend went. Thank you all for your warm well wishes; I am feeling much better. I really had a restful weekend.

What did you guys do over the weekend?

outfit: bakers shoes, asos hareem, express blazer, F21 tank, H&M scarf