Velvet Me

I noticed a lot of velvet trend in the fall 2010 collections, which I am loving. I will love to get my hands on a velvet crop pants & shorts.

I spent my Saturday at a V10 Lounge--a valentine event hosted by the singles ;) It was really nice event, great food, and great people all around. I decided to brave the freezing cold weather without tights-the price of looking good huh LOL!
Anyway, I had a lovely valentine & weekend. I spent the Sunday with dinner date, movie date, & house date with the fiance :)

I hope everyone had a lovely valentine and weekend with loved ones.

I have to go back to my assignment...enjoy!

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Outfit: H&M dress, Aldo pumps (with all my aldo shoes, I need a free aldo shoes--CALL ME :) ), trench:???, Lipstick Mac Ruby Woo