In my world

It is not fun at all having a root canal done. Since Friday that I had a root canal done, I have been in so much pain. The sad part is that I can barely eat what I want to eat. My meals are mainly liquid base or fufu, or golden morn :(

Again, I went for a friend's bridal shower on Saturday. They had so much food that I was salivating just watching all these foods that I could not eat.
Even though that I am feeling much better today, I am still not able to eat any food that requires chewing :(
Gosh! I love and miss food!

Besides that, marriage life is great. I have a wonderful husband and am grateful to God for that... :)

Hope every is having a nice "Labor Day" weekend. Thanks for all your love & support...xoxo

Outfit: pants & top: H&M, Aldo pumps, Thrifted bag