All my left over
These are some of the pictures I took couple months ago before the snows piled up, but for some reason, my old camera will not work for me to download the pictures. All of a sudden , it started working again. #smh
On a different note,  Have you ever gotten lost using GPS? On our way to my friend's birthday, we were practically 10 minutes away from the restaurant, but my "wonderful" GPS kept rerouting us for 20 minutes and then on our way back the GPS will not work from about 15-20 minutes. We were so lost.
All in all, I had a fun weekend. I will post the pictures later in the week.
Besides that, life as a graduate student has kicked off. With barely two weeks of classes, the stacks of things to read and do is scary; so I am about to put my nerdy glasses on and get my studying on (doesn't that rhyme...ha ha ha! :D )
Later that night, I changed to my brogues to hit the town.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend too!
Did you do anything fun?

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Outfit: H&M shirt & bag, Zara Harem pants, Bebe pumps, forever21 ring, Aldo brogues.