Strolling through the woods
I have had these pants for almost 3+ years and I just rediscovered it somewhere in my closet. I love wide leg pants and bell bottoms.
I need to find or make a neon pink & green bell bottoms. Random styling thought: I feel like wearing an apple green or mustard yellow bell bottoms/wide leg pants paired with crop top made out of "Ankara" (African fabric)...hmmmm!
Hope everyone's weekend started off great.
I am in Toronto at the moment. I got here this evening to spend Easter with the family and also for Maya's (hubby's niece) first birthday.
I am not feeling too good, so I am off bed to get some rest. Hopefully, I will feel a lot better to be able to  enjoy the brief visit here.

Happy Easter!
Live, Love, Laugh

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Outfit: Victoria's secret pants, H&M blazer, Hat from macys, Aldo pumps/bag