Within my reality

This week has been a busy week with school. Its like one case, paper, or assignments after another. I am really looking forward to summer break and a vacation.
Since the weather was warm a few days ago, I handed my camera to my friend Chioma to be my photographer for the day since hubby was at work.  It was fun playing photo shoot with her.
On another note, since the constant change in weather, I like incorporating boots to my outfits and there are great variety of women's boots that add a touch of color to an outfit.  You should check them out at www.very.co.uk for some great boots.

Now, I have to go back to my reality called school work, but I am so sleepy :)
But first, Happy Birthday to my dear friend/lawyer in the making Kasie...!

Have a lovely week and Thanks to my new followers
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Outfit: H&M pants & shirt, Sam Edelman "Lorrisa"