As promised

Sorry guys, I have been so busy. Anyhoo, how is the weekend going for you guys??? This is the outfit I wore to a wedding party last Sunday. It was a very beautiful & youthful wedding. My only problem about a lot of Nigerian weddings is that people don't sick to rules. If they say, "NO KIDS", why bring your kids along and if they say, "INVITATION ONLY", why show up with all your friends and friend's friends---Gosh!, people respect rules ;)
On the others hand, the wedding was nice; my friend and I snapped away as we waited for the reception to start. I also took some notes for mine. ;)
Ok, I going to go do my nails now because I have another wedding in 5hours. I might stick to tradition clothes this time. Hopefully I don't change my mind. :D
Take care lovelies
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


outfit: Me: asos dress, express blazer, aldo shoes, limited purse,
Friend (Bisi): H&M dress, bakers shoe and purse