Sunny Day

Immediately I typed the title of the post, couldn't help but sing that sesame street song "sunny day...blah blah"--I just don't remember the exact words, but am currently humming it. Does anyone know it or what am talking about? Oh well!! LOL

After raining the WHOLE week, it is currently sunny. I think it is going to rain again later today. I hope the weather channel is wrong this time. I don't like constant rain especially when it has to rain all week including thunderstorm and lighting. I was so scared the other night when I was driving home from work, it was raining SO heavily and it came with this crazy thunderstorm and lighting--I can deal with thunderstorm a bit, but lighting scares the shit out of me especially when I have heard all these lighting stories.

Anyways, hope your weekend is going well!!!
Have fun :)

outfit: H&M skirt, F21 jacket, sandal: online store, aldo bag