Birthday Recap

I had an amazing time. My birthday seem to have lasted all weekend long starting from the actually day which is May 15Th. Friday started off with breakfast at Hilton with the fiance; after that, I went over to mom's place to pick up birthday gifts. From my mom's place, I went horseback riding for the FIRST time--SCARY AND FUN!!!

I had NO idea that we were going horseback riding until I got to the venue. Gosh, did my heart start bounding immediately I got on the horse. At first I thought it was one of those rides whereby the owner of the horse will walk beside me as I ride--Oh, did I get that WRONG--Immediately she left me on the horse alone with the quickest & shortest lesson on how to STOP the horse, I started PRAYING. I was imagining all kinds of movies and stories where people fall and fracture their spines. With that in mind, my prayer increased--"God, please don't let me fall, die or crippled on my birthday". To make my story short, I survived an hour ride alone through a trail that included scary slopes, mud, and pond. Later that night I went to see "Angels & Demons"--LOVE IT!!!

On Saturday after a shopping therapy, I had dinner with my friends at Kobe restaurant. I had this special drink in a Buddha cup specially for the birthday girl :D lol!

The weekend ended with friends and friend's graduating house party.


GO CART--the second activity after horse back riding. I don't have a picture of my on the horse, but I have a few seconds video of me looking terrified on the horse. I will try to upload it by Friday.

Thanks everyone for making my day and you guys for the sweet wishes.



to be continued ;)