Get to know me: Stella-Uzo

This is what I will love to be wearing right now. 
Shorts: H&M 2011 spring collection
Top: Forever21
Bag: Topshop 
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: LAMB

Thanks everyone for leaving your questions. I hope I answered everyone's questions.

Q & A:

1.     What are you studying in school? If you are? / What are you studying in grad school?

I am currently doing my MBA with a concentration in Finance

Can you do a video post talking to your readers?

I have been wanting to, but sort of shy :) I have done one before—I will definitely start doing more.

3.     Do you know any website that sells vintage clothes?, Adorevintage,

4.     How does your husband feel about your love for fashion and sometimes mid-rif, cut off outfits?  I have the coolest husband. He loves my style and he is my biggest fan. He also takes most of my pictures except those attributed to others.

5.     What is your workout regime/diet? Because I wish I had abs like your =)
Thanks dear! Did you say abs…hmmmm…I can’t find the abs; maybe flat stomach. :)
I wish I had a regime in my hectic schedule, but I don’t. I eat everything possible, which is not always good. Thanks to a gene or something.

6.     Do you gym regularly? You're quite fit
I don’t gym. I tried going to the gym and even tried Zumba dance sometime last year with my friend, but after two visit…the rest is history.

7.     What would you like to do after school? There are so many things I would love to do after school. To name a few, I would love to work in the fashion/entertainment industry, continue to explore fashion, create a brand, styling, and also putting my Finance degree to use.

8.     What high school did you go to in Nigeria? I went to Queens High School for about 2.5 years before moving to Minnesota and then to here.

9.     What's your dream vacation spot? Fuji/Tahiti

10.   What is your advice for people in college studying? As per getting stuff done on time… Any advice on internships, jobs, etc…

What works for me is having a schedule on what to do and when. Usually I start with the more demanding assignments first. Procrastination is a killer, which I am guilty of when I am beyond exhausted—please avoid it. For me, I avoid it by assuming my assignments are due ahead of time. In fact, I try to forget the actually due date and then create a more recent due date. Surround yourself with people who have great work ethics.

For internships and jobs, attended a lot of career fairs, submit your resume and cover letter to at many jobs and internships as possible and follow up on them too. Start applying months or even a year ahead.

11.  How has married life changed you? I don’t think marriage life changed. I am married to someone that I have known for more the 6 years. We are still the same people just even better. J

12.  How often do you shop? It depends…going to the store physically, may be once a week or once every two weeks. Sometimes I just go for sight seeing and then I brainstorm before I buy. On the other hand, I love online shopping because I find a lot that I can’t find at the store or the store is not in my state. I love a lot of European stores.

Thanks to all my readers, you make blogging fun even when I am exhausted, down or too sick to blog, I still want to blog. I  truly appreciate all your support. 
Also thanks to J.Ashley for "The blogger of the week" feature.
Have a lovely week!