Zara Belle

Another new week! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! For the most part, my weekend was relaxing and fun. I spent my Saturday cooking one of my favorite spicy Jollof rice--I wish you guys can taste it, but you will need bottles of water next to you to get through couple spoons--my friend Nomy can testify to it ;)

After cooking in the early Saturday afternoon, I went for relaunching of my hairstylist's salon, which was awesome. Since I am so into interior decorating, I was amazed at the interior decor of the salon. I have been taking notes because once I graduate next May, I will have a lot of time to transform my garage into my on walk-in closet. Right now, I am thinking all white with zebra prints, black, and red details. Until then, I am letting my imagination run wild. :)

On Sunday, immediately after church and couple pictures by my friend/photographer Paosin, I had to go to the library for two group nerd hat was back in full force dealing with Investment Finance and International Business cases. I stayed in the library until almost 9pm. Immediately I got home, I could only picture my bed with Ipad scrolling through pictures. Few minutes to an hour later, I was in dream land with my music still playing in my ears :)

Wearing Zara pants & shoes, Forever21 sequin top (3-4years old), Michael Kors watch, Rings by BarII, Bracelet from Macy's, Vintage bag, Lipstick Mac Red by MAC

On another note, tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so I want to use this time to wish the most caring, loving, wonderful, beautiful lady in my life a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much mommy and cheers to many more years. Kisses!
To you guys, thanks for loving and supporting me!
Have a great week!
Big hugs & kisses

All photos by Paosin
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