Come to the dark side

How is everyone's week going? This is one of those weeks where I wish it could be over. I am already tired and hoping for Friday to get here. I have been on lack of sleep overdrive and school is slowly getting busy. I am counting down to Friday. I will have "Cheers to the weekend" on repeat and some mimosa.  :)

Alexander Wang1

On another note, did anybody watch "Two and Half Men" or "Dancing with the Stars"? What are your thoughts? I kept switching the channel back and forth for both shows. For "Two and Half Men," it felt like something was missing -- I kind of miss Charlie Sheen's character. Ashton Kutcher was good, but then again, it felt like the writers had him in similar dialogue like Jake. Then there is "Dancing with the Stars," which has a lot of interesting people to watch from Nancy Grace to David Arquette. The fall TV line up is looking great, but I can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back.
I should be asleep right now, but I love you guys so much that is why I am still awake and blogging :)
I sincerely thank you all for all your support. You inspire me to blog even when I have to be awake in 4 hours. :)

Lots of Love

Outfit: Forever21 shorts; H&M sheer top, bag, & hat; Alexander Wang booties (Also worn here), Michael Kors watch

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