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How is everyone doing? I have been battling cold, sore throat and a slight fever since Friday. I was sneezing so hard on Friday it felt like I was going to sneeze out my brains. :)  I didn't want the cold to get the best of me, so decided to grab some dinner and drinks with friends/coworkers Tracey & Chaun at the Cheesecake Factory.

On Saturday, though I was weak and felt sick, I attended a friend's wedding, which was really fun. I was able to catch up with friends--lots of laughs and jokes. The whole event was fun. I can't wait to post the outfit I made from the wedding material or "aso-ebi" as we call it.

Sunday, I relaxed and tried to make some food before squeezing in some studying. All weekend, I consumed so much green tea and lemon, which has helped quite a bit. Right now, my nose feels  congested and I have a coarse voice due to the cold.
Outfit: H&M pants, scarf and cape; Aldo shoes & bag; Michael Kors watch; Lipstick is a mix of MAC Cyber & Ruby Woo

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Have a wonderful week!
Thanks for all the get well wishes via twitter!

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