After the ordeal

With hurricane Irene all weekend long, I spent most of my weekend indoors resting. Normally, I don't like taking naps, but I was so tired on Saturday after work that I slept for a long time. This resulted in me being wide awake all night and spending the night studying and flipping through magazines.

Late Saturday evening, our power went off. I felt like a restless kid. Having no power was not fun at all. It was so hard to sleep and I got tired of eating cereal and bread :)  When we went out to eat after the weather subsided the following day, the waiting time to get seated at the restaurant was ridiculous. 

Pink & Purple by

On Sunday, the weather was getting better, but still no power. I had a withdrawal from blogging and visiting some of my favorite blogs. My Power didn't return until about 5 hours ago.

Hope everyone was safe during hurricane Irene.

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Wearing: H&M shirt (woren casually here) with Zara skirt, Aldo heels & bag, Michael Kors watch

My prayers go out to those affected in hurricane Irene and also the family and friends of those affected during the UN bomb blast in Nigeria.

Wish you all a lovely week ahead!

Thank you all for all your tremendous support.

Big hugs & kisses


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Photographed by Paosin